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Because I think I've done it. This weekend was the Kansas City BookCrossing Unconvention, and it was amazing. I was uber stressed going into it, and was afraid that I wouldn't be able to enjoy it, but oh, did I! Wonderful friends, old and new, and lots of books. Everything that [ profile] dragongoddess73 and I, as well as the other Southern Kansas City BookCrossers, put together went over really well: the BCers that came couldn't stop talking about how wonderful our authors were, how fun the games were, how good the food was, all of it seemed to be exactly what people wanted. We went on our release walk/reverse scavenger hunt today, and it was wonderful and fun. I miss everyone already, and can't wait to see them again.

The problem?

There were supposed to be more people there than there were. See, this seems to have been the year of great personal tragedy on BookCrossing, with people losing family members, losing jobs, having severe transportation issues, and many other things going wrong. So, when we signed the contract for the hotel, we reserved space for a LOT more people than came, because they did plan on coming at that point, and now we're sitting with a really big bill, somewhere in the multiple thousand dollar range. At this point, we don't have an exact dollar amount, but I should in the next couple of days. However, I need to get on solving the money problem now.

I will be posting items for auction soon, most likely this week. I have some things that I have personally, and that people who already knew what was going on have donated, and those things will be going in. I know I have no place to ask it, because I got myself into this mess, but if anyone has anything they would be willing to donate to be auctioned, please let me know, preferably through email or private message. I have to figure out how to raise this money, and so I'll be doing whatever I can. If anyone would like to repost this, please feel free. This and related posts will be among the very few unlocked posts on my journal while this goes on, so you can direct people here as well. Thanks, folks, for any help you're able to give, even moral support is helpful right now.
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