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And I might even do it...


Apr. 26th, 2012 10:54 am
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The Walk is this Saturday, and I have yet to reach my goal. I'd really appreciate it if you would donate, if you're able. Thanks!
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I still need members for my AIDS Walk team. All you need to do is follow this link to join:

Sign up for your own page, and then join Team Sparks McGee.

Also, if you can't join the team, but can donate, I would really appreciate that, as well! Here is the link to donate:

Thanks everyone!


Apr. 3rd, 2012 04:10 pm
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I will be participating in the Kansas City AIDS Walk again this year, on April 28. This is a cause that is really important to me, having lost people to this disease and seeing what it can do to people. I would love to have people donate to this worthy cause. I have set a goal of $200, but I would LOVE to beat my record of $550, if I can make it. Anything you can give is appreciated! Here is my Firstgiving page:
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Quick question: What's your favorite upbeat, up tempo song?


Feb. 17th, 2012 08:18 pm
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It would seem my email got hacked. If you got anything from me don't open it, steps have been taken, yadda yadda...
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And I'll get right back to that, but, before I do, I need to do something a little more important. I know some of you wait for it, I know others of you haven't read it before, and still others read it when he posted it earlier this month. But I know not all of you know my dad, and so I wanted to post it on my journal, too. The yearly Christmas Story from my dad's book, Vishnu's Snooze Alarm, which is a true account of his time in The Suit. Make sure to equip with tissues before you start.

Peace in the World... And Roller Skates )
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A while back, we had Brain Weasel stomping day. A day to randomly show up in people's LJ posts, on FB, on Twitter, wherever you want, and tell people happy things about why you like them, to remind people of their own value to others, and just, generally, to help people feel good about themselves. There's a lot of negativity going around, and thusly, I declare Wednesday the next Brain Weasel Stomping Day.

So, on Wednesday, February 24, find your way of telling people you like, love, or just people that seem cool, good things about themselves, to remind them that they're cared about. We could all use a healthy removal of those damn brain weasels. So Sayeth the Bounty.

So, who's with me?

ETA: spelling correction. Spell check FAIL.
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1. Totally taking a cue from [ profile] apocalypticbob, I have created [ profile] skcbcuncon_fund, a community to do auctions to help with the debt we incurred putting together the BookCrossing Unconvention in October. If you had items you wanted to auction off, please feel free to post auctions there, and I would be happy to help with examples and such if you wnt tips on what to post. Also, if you think you might be interested in buying anything, please join!

2. At said UnCon, we did a Book Swap, and I realized how much I missed doing these online. They have a fabulous setup for these over at BookObsessed, and you really should check it out. Unfortunately, for personal reasons, I am not able to swap over there, and so I've been having withdrawals. A book swap basically goes like a Yankee Gift Swap: Everyone has a number, and the numbers are placed in random order. The person to go first picks another person's book to "reveal," and that person tells everyone what their book is. The next person may either steal the book the first person got or have another person reveal a new book. If they steal, the person stolen from can steal someone else's book, as long as it wasn't the one they just lost, or ask for a reveal. Once a reveal is asked for, it moves to the next person in the list. A book can only be stolen three times, and then it's out of play. Once the last reveal has been done, the game is over, and the books can be mailed to the people who won them. It sounds complicated in print, but it's actually a lot of fun, so I created a community. [ profile] book_swappers, to do just this! Feel free to join if this sounds like fun to you, and I'll start organizing swaps by the genres of interested people!

This is one of my rare public posts, so please repost as you see fit!
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Because I think I've done it. This weekend was the Kansas City BookCrossing Unconvention, and it was amazing. I was uber stressed going into it, and was afraid that I wouldn't be able to enjoy it, but oh, did I! Wonderful friends, old and new, and lots of books. Everything that [ profile] dragongoddess73 and I, as well as the other Southern Kansas City BookCrossers, put together went over really well: the BCers that came couldn't stop talking about how wonderful our authors were, how fun the games were, how good the food was, all of it seemed to be exactly what people wanted. We went on our release walk/reverse scavenger hunt today, and it was wonderful and fun. I miss everyone already, and can't wait to see them again.

The problem?

There were supposed to be more people there than there were. See, this seems to have been the year of great personal tragedy on BookCrossing, with people losing family members, losing jobs, having severe transportation issues, and many other things going wrong. So, when we signed the contract for the hotel, we reserved space for a LOT more people than came, because they did plan on coming at that point, and now we're sitting with a really big bill, somewhere in the multiple thousand dollar range. At this point, we don't have an exact dollar amount, but I should in the next couple of days. However, I need to get on solving the money problem now.

I will be posting items for auction soon, most likely this week. I have some things that I have personally, and that people who already knew what was going on have donated, and those things will be going in. I know I have no place to ask it, because I got myself into this mess, but if anyone has anything they would be willing to donate to be auctioned, please let me know, preferably through email or private message. I have to figure out how to raise this money, and so I'll be doing whatever I can. If anyone would like to repost this, please feel free. This and related posts will be among the very few unlocked posts on my journal while this goes on, so you can direct people here as well. Thanks, folks, for any help you're able to give, even moral support is helpful right now.
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