Dec. 1st, 2009

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1. Totally taking a cue from [ profile] apocalypticbob, I have created [ profile] skcbcuncon_fund, a community to do auctions to help with the debt we incurred putting together the BookCrossing Unconvention in October. If you had items you wanted to auction off, please feel free to post auctions there, and I would be happy to help with examples and such if you wnt tips on what to post. Also, if you think you might be interested in buying anything, please join!

2. At said UnCon, we did a Book Swap, and I realized how much I missed doing these online. They have a fabulous setup for these over at BookObsessed, and you really should check it out. Unfortunately, for personal reasons, I am not able to swap over there, and so I've been having withdrawals. A book swap basically goes like a Yankee Gift Swap: Everyone has a number, and the numbers are placed in random order. The person to go first picks another person's book to "reveal," and that person tells everyone what their book is. The next person may either steal the book the first person got or have another person reveal a new book. If they steal, the person stolen from can steal someone else's book, as long as it wasn't the one they just lost, or ask for a reveal. Once a reveal is asked for, it moves to the next person in the list. A book can only be stolen three times, and then it's out of play. Once the last reveal has been done, the game is over, and the books can be mailed to the people who won them. It sounds complicated in print, but it's actually a lot of fun, so I created a community. [ profile] book_swappers, to do just this! Feel free to join if this sounds like fun to you, and I'll start organizing swaps by the genres of interested people!

This is one of my rare public posts, so please repost as you see fit!


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